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Illuminating Our Community Together: Vote Marni by November 21st!

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A Brighter Future: Illuminating Our Community Together

"I am driven by the belief that our community deserves equitable resources and opportunities for all. Together, we can bridge the gaps and create a West Valley City that shines brightly for every resident. With a deep commitment to service and a passion for building a stronger community, I am dedicated to illuminating our future together."



Marni is committed to fostering an accessible community by prioritizing housing affordability, expanding social programs and services, and improving transportation and infrastructure to ensure equal access and opportunities for all residents.


Marni's unwavering dedication to service is reflected in her commitment to fostering public safety and community policing, supporting senior citizens with care and resources, and empowering youth through education, ensuring a community that thrives on compassion and support for all.


Marni's vision for a strong and vibrant community is rooted in promoting sustainable development, protecting the environment, and fostering active community participation, creating a place where residents can thrive, connect, and collectively shape a brighter future together.


Inclusion is at the heart of Marni's mission, as she strives to foster community growth, ensure quality education, promote job creation and economic growth, and celebrate cultural diversity, creating a community that embraces and uplifts every individual, regardless of background or circumstance.

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